A Unicorn's Hunt

2009, Performance & 16mm film, with Alia Pathan. Duration: 1.33 mins.
Ruskin Shorts, Modern Art Oxford.

Interested in the idea of dis/enchantment in art, I made a series of performances and short films about mythic Unicorn hunts, drawing from imagery found in a collection of 16th Century tapestries at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

2010, Performance. Duration: 1 hour.
Sounding Off, Vitrine Gallery, London.

Dressed as a pantomime Unicorn I drew a chalk circle in a spotlit area of Bermondsey Square, opposite Vitrine Gallery. The Unicorn 'sounded off' using a pound shop rave horn, and by chattering a set of joke shop teeth into a loudhailer. The rave horn gradually slid from a booming honk to a sad, trumpet-like report, and the teeth were replaced by a lit bulb. At one point a confused passer by gave me £1.05 in change.

2012, Performance. Duration: 2 hours.
Parlour Jardin, Botanical Gardens, Oxford.

'A Unicorn at the Fountain' is the title of a mysterious 16th Century tapestry, discovered in a barn in rural France (whilst being used as a cover for potatoes) In the tapestry a Unicorn kneels dipping it's horn into a fountain, purifying the water. I remade this image at Oxford Botanical Gardens near to a bed of plants with medicinal properties.

Whilst a student at Oxford I was prescribed a course of very powerful (since banned) anti-depressants, which have had a lasting effect on me. In this performance, I attempted to reconcile a feeling of having been, to a certain extent, both enchanted and poisoned.

 A Unicorn's Horn (2010)   'Sounding Off', Vitrine Gallery  
 A Unicorn at the Fountain (2012)   'Parlour Jardin', Oxford