Human Freak - Queue Here

2014, Performance & HD video (filmed and edited by Jim Brouwer)
Nottingham Castle Open 2014. Awarded the 'Grand Prize' and 'People's Prize'.

Wearing a hand-painted sandwich board reading 'Human Freak - Queue Here', I stood in various prominent walkways at a large outdoor fair. Jim Brouwer filmed me from a distance, blending into the crowd in a high visibility waistcoat.

This shocking double-act drew from a recent Oxfam report which showed that the UK has now regressed to Victorian levels of inequality. The 'Freak Show', at which disabled people earned a living by presenting themselves as monstrous exhibits, was a popular form of entertainment at Victorian fairs, and have even been revived in America, as a lucrative form of 'ownership' over bodily difference.

Social inequality disproportionately affects the disabled community, particularly as a result of public spending cuts. The Independent Living Allowance, upon which many disabled people relied to earn a living, has recently been scrapped, leading to widespread concern.

 Human Freak - Queue Here   Nottingham Castle Open (2014)