Pugs in Space

2013, Painting, acrylic on canvas, various dimensions.
Mavis Enron: Pugs in Space (1860 - 1939), Institute of Mental Health, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham.

Interested in the often posthumous valorisation of works by 'outsider artists', and the implications of this industry on those of us living with a diverse mental experience (1 in 6), I decided to produce a series of paintings under an invented pseudonym. 'Mavis Enron' is an anagram of Simon Raven.

Imagining the discovery of an attic full of works by Mavis Enron, an unknown 18th Century 'Miss Haversham' figure, and apparent contemporary of Lois Wain, I forged a series of paintings of ghostly Pug dogs in bizarre outer-space settings. Each work is packed with glitter and florescent glow-in-the-dark paint. Some of Mavis' Ghost Pugs appear to have sprouted butterfly wings, or sit on meteorites amidst fields of magic mushrooms.

Mavis' paintings were first exhibited in corridor spaces at the Institute of Mental Health, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham (curated by Victoria Tischler). A small booklet was produced with an interview to accompany the exhibition.

I've since had two limited edition (70) 'Pug Mugs' printed with Mavis' paintings, which I have sold at galleries and art fairs/events, including LUPA, Wysing Arts Centre, Primary, and Camden Arts Centre.