The Ship of Crips

2012, Performance Collaboration/Video. Duration: 4 hours.
It's OK to be Boring: Open studio event, Camden Arts Centre, London.

In the wake of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee river procession, I invited a group of friends to make a satirical version of a medieval 'Ship of Fools'. This was a custom in which disabled people were set adrift on boats (I was concerned about UK government proposals to cut the Independent Living Allowance, which have now taken effect).

Dressed in bizarre medieval garb, I was joined for a day's cruise down Regents Canal by Aaron Williamson, Katherine Araniello, Jack Catling, Yuko Catling, Tom Coogan, Lisa Selby, Jill Van Epps and Kate Mahony. Rachel Dowle filmed the journey (with no direction) and edited the resulting film, which was screened at Camden as part of a residency open-studio event.

I would like to thank Pirate Castle, Camden, for their generosity.

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