The Golden Rage

2015, Performance/sound workshop, 1 hour.
The Golden Age, Nottingham Playhouse Theatre.

Golden Rage clips from Simon Raven on Vimeo.

Having been invited to lead creative workshops with groups identified as 'elderly, lonely or vulnerable', I decided to focus on comedy as a point of departure.

Each workshop began with a conversation about different aspects of comedy, but in the run up to the 2015 election most discussions turned into a heated debate about politics. Participants and I discussed how 'Golden Age' workshops, often involving textiles and 'movement', might be a little condescending, so we decided to change the title of our activity to 'The Golden Rage'.

Veering from comedy then, the workshops resulted in a production of spontaneous noise performances, developed using a contact microphone and an echo delay unit used to amplify various objects and vocalisations.

Participants requested not to have their names published, but were willing for video of the workshops to be posted online.