The Human Canapé
Performance, variable duration:

2015, Nottingham Castle Open, duration 1 hour.
2015, Uncanny Canteen, Primary, Nottingham, duration 1 hour.
2013, Paintings by Mavis Enron, Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham.
2012, Iceberg Lounge, Camden Arts Centre, London, with Rosa Farber and Liam Mcgarry.

A performance party piece first made for a VIP opening at Primary, Nottingham. With my head wrapped in tin foil, I offered a range of classic 1970's canapés (cheese and pineapple, cocktail sausages) to guests. Cutting an absurd dash, the work was inspired by scandal surrounding Marina Abramovic's presentation at the MoCA 2011 Gala in L.A, at which actors were hired (reportedly at minimum wage) to perform as table centre pieces.

photo by Michael Forbes.
The Human Canapé: photo by Michael Forbes.